2023 Biggest Swag Trends

SWAG, often referred to as branded merchandise can help businesses grow by building and strengthening relationships. Employees and clients like to feel appreciated by companies. SWAG is more than just a product , it’s a way to express gratitude and make the receiver feel valued.

It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends in SWAG. At the end of the day, people love to receive gifts. Especially when they are functional and high-quality goods. We have rounded up this year’s biggest SWAG trends so you can continue growing relationships.


A rise in non branded items

2023 is the year companies are asking their employees what they want from their SWAG. We are seeing a rise in companies opting out of compulsory branded items and instead are giving their employees more control in the final design decision. Whether they want the company logo added or just simply have their name, its now the receiver’s choice to make.


Gifts for the family

Often companies claim they promote a good work-life balance. In 2023 companies are proving it by embracing employees' whole families when it comes to gifting. Instead of gifts that just serve the employee at work, they are opting for gifts the entire family can enjoy. 


At home working

Businesses are choosing practical gifts that remote employees can enjoy. With a focus on at-home luxuries such as aromatherapy oils, candles and slippers. As well as office essentials like notebooks, mousepads and lap desks.


Sustainabe gifting

Companies are demanding sustainable gifting options that align with their company values. To show their employees and clients that they are committed to helping the environment, companies are making sustainable choices like shunning plastic, choosing reusable items and directing a higher portion of their spend to products that are made locally. 


A focus on health & wellness

There has been an enormous increase in spending on health and wellness-related products from companies since the Covid pandemic hit in 2020. Employees’ health and wellness is now a priority for companies. With many employees working remotely, companies are looking for opportunities to engage with employees to promote the importance of self-care. Self-care bundles that cater to the mind and body with carefully curated products such as eco-friendly yoga mats calming teas and nourishing body care.


Partnering with creative gifting experts

If you are looking for unique gift ideas, our creative and friendly team of designers, project managers and fulfilment specialists would love to help you and make sure that every detail of your project is taken care of - freeing up your valuable time.