The HSE Healthy Ireland Initiative

The Health Service Executive (HSE) is the leading organisation responsible for the provision of healthcare and personal social services in the Republic of Ireland. It is a publicly-funded system that ensures the health and well-being of all citizens. In line with this, the government has initiated Healthy Ireland, an ambitious program that aims to foster a society where physical and mental health is prioritised and supported, and where overall well-being is valued at all levels of society.

The HSE conducts a procurement process every 3 years for companies to provide branded items for the Healthy Ireland Initiative. In the 2019-2022 tender, our company had the opportunity to supply a range of items that were carefully sourced and expertly branded. Some examples of the items we provided are as follows

Hi Vis Vest

Based on the product brief from the HSE team we created hi-vis vests in their specific brand colours featuring the Healthy Ireland logo.

We understand the importance of safety and visibility on the job and were honoured to be able to contribute to Healthy Ireland's efforts in promoting safety and health amongst communities.

Windbreaker Jacket

Working with the HSE team, we developed these custom windbreaker jackets using specific brand colours and the Healthy Ireland logo.

We recognise the importance of both style and function in branded apparel and were excited to be able to bring our expertise to this project. The end result is a jacket that not only keeps the wearer protected from the elements but also promotes the Healthy Ireland brand and commitment to promoting healthy living.

Drawstring Bag

These bespoke drawstring bags have been created using the brand's specific colours and logo. The end result is a bag that not only serves a practical purpose for the user but also promotes the HSE's brand and commitment to promoting healthy living.

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